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CLD Machine Co.,Ltd.

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Product Description
CDP-9 Motor Coding Machine Name: CDP-9 Motor Coding Machine
Brand: 未填
Specs: 未填

CDP-9 Motor Coding Machine

◆  Features:Light weight, easy to operate,automatic carbon ribbon recycle, prints clearly and beautifully.
◆ Printing Plug-ins:Protective cover can be installed.
◆ Application:Can be installed in any kinds of intermittent packaging machine, continuous packaging machine, labeling machine, continuous sealing machine and other soft packaging materials.
◆ Automatic on-line machine operation.
◆ Can be easily exchagned the typing head, and adjusted printing direction.
◆ The Carbon ribbon can print for 25000~30000 times in one line; 18000~20000 times in two lines.

Power Supply:220V/110V, 50/60Hz
Printing Speed:150 Times/Min
Printing Range:1-3 lines x 9-13 digits.Special range can be customized with request, (5 lines maximum)
 Signal:Connect signal, photoelectric signal
Font Size:2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm


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