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PET Bottles Lead, but Glass Bottles Rising in Australasia Pack Types

Australasia, with a comparably smaller global market size of 36 billion units in 2018, is expected to shift toward more sustainable pack types over the coming years.

Glass Bottle Use Rising in Australasia

According to “Global Packaging Landscape: Growth, Trends & Innovations,” a new report compiled by Euromonitor International for PMMI Business Intelligence, PET bottles reign in the region due to low price, single-serve sizes and a higher rate of recycling. Bottled water, which is expected to post a CAGR of 7.3% by 2023, primarily uses PET bottles, and growth is expected as consumers seek out flavored water as an alternative to sugary carbonated drinks.

While PET is expected to see growth, glass use is also rising. Several bottled water manufacturers such as Aqua Botanical Australian have begun using glass bottles to differentiate their products. And while Coca-Cola Amatil launched Mount Franklin, a new range of pure Australian spring water for kids, in 250 ml PET bottles with a pop-top cap for convenience, brands like True Water and AquaBotanical were launched in glass bottles to project a premium image.

In Australasia, milk products are still predominantly offered in brick liquid cartons since they are lightweight and easy to transport while also being cheaper to produce than some other formats, but several manufacturers are using PET bottles. In January 2018, The Complete Dairy launched its High Protein Milk in 1L pack size PET bottles in order to appeal to health-conscious millennials, while brands like Schulz were launched in glass bottles for a premium image.

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