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Leipa targets chilled market with paper-based packs

From: Packaging News

Leipa Group is aiming to capitalise on the plastic packaging backlash with its range of paper-based products.

LEIPAform and LEIPAflat are two products designed for thermoforming in the protein market. The company said that the packs could revolutionise the way meat, fish and cheese is presented in chiller cabinets.

The firm has also lined up with the On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL).  LEIPAform and LEIPAflat can both be labelled as ‘widely recycled’ under OPRL guidelines.

Leipa Group was established in 1847 and is based in Germany with two paper mills. Leipa Mill Schwedt is said to be the largest recovered paper producing site in Europe with 1.5 million tonnes of waste paper being recycled into new paper and packaging products each year.

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