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Coffee cup recycling rates on the up, said PCRRG report

From: Packaging News

A report from the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG) has claimed that recycling rates have jumped from an estimated 1:400 to 1:25 in two years.

The report also said that rates will increase to 1:12 by 2019 and that there are now more than 4,500 paper cup recycling points in the UK for consumers to return cups via bring banks and in-store take back schemes.

Neil Whittall, chairman of the PCRRG, said: “The industry can be justly proud of the progress it has made so far but of course we know that there is more work to do. Consumers are rightly demanding change and Government is keen to make that happen.

“However we believe that by working together we are demonstrating that industry can and will make change in a way that benefits the circular economy, protects UK manufacturing and engineering jobs and does not threaten the success of the high street. As a result of our actions and our support for PRN reform, we don’t believe that burdening the consumer with more cost in the form of a cup tax or charge is needed.”

The report comes as the Treasury confirmed that it would not introduce a 25p levy on disposable coffee cups.

The PCRRG also reported that:

115 local authorities now collect paper cups with paper cartons, with more coming on stream all the time;
21 waste collectors are now actively participating in a national recycling scheme to increase recycling of paper cups and transport them to their reprocessing end markets, up from two last year;
Five reprocessors are accepting paper cups including ACE UK, DS Smith, James Cropper and Veolia;
At least nine councils have started to include paper cups in kerbside collection schemes for householders, and that number is growing through the ACE UK programme.
Mark Pawsey, chairman of the All Party Parliament Group on Packaging, said: “The figures speak for themselves, but what impresses me is how this industry has taken a serious challenge and pulled together to effect change that is workable for all stakeholders.

“The desire to make change has driven people to set aside their competitive differences in order to achieve something that is wanted by consumers, desired by government and is right for the industry.   I am confident the PCRRG will meet and exceed its manifesto goal and its work is a credit to the industry and an example to other sectors.”

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