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Boston Tea Party cup ban ‘unnecessary’, says PCRRG

From: Packaging News

The Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group (PCRRG) has called Boston Tea Party’s ban on paper cups as ‘completely unnecessary’.

The independently-owned cafe chain, for which takeaway hot drinks represent 5.2% of the chain’s total turnover,  is asking its customers to either; bring their own reusable cups, take advantage of a new cup loan scheme or buy a cup in the cafe once the ban comes into effect.

However, PCRRG believes the UK already has the capability to recycle paper cups. Neil Whittall, chairman Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group (PCRRG) said: “The PCRRG believes the decision by Boston Tea Party to ban paper cups from its operations is completely unnecessary. Paper cups can and are being recycled in the UK and with the addition of the DS Smith paper mill capability announced in March, coupled with the ACE UK facility that went live in January and existing facilities such as James Cropper, Kendal, capacity now exists to recycle all the UK’s used paper cups.

“Paper cups are the most food safe and sustainable solution for tea and coffee on-the-go and have a positive role to play in the UK economy; it is important that people realise their benefits and any individual decision is not misinterpreted. Paper cups are made from sustainable certified forestry sources and account for just 0.27% of UK paperboard production and 0.7% of the UK’s total packaging waste.

“The industry has worked hard over the past year to increase the number of collection and recovery points for consumers and there are now 4000+ in store collection points in coffee shops all over the country. We’ve also increased the number of waste collection partners who recover used paper cups and directed them to one of the four cup reprocessing plants in the UK. This circular economy model benefits both the consumer and industry as a whole.”

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