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Tetra Pak pledges support for EU plastics strategy

From: Packaging News

Tetra Pak has pledged to support the European Commission’s Plastics Strategy, announced this week as part of the EU Action Plan for a Circular Economy.

The carton giant said it will work with industry partners to ensure that by 2030, recycling solutions are in place for all components of beverage cartons so they can be fully recycled across Europe.

Currently, around half the beverage cartons placed on the market in Europe are recycled.
Tetra Pak pledged to ‘substantially’ increase the use of plastics made from renewable feedstock, as well as use recycled plastics once they are validated as safe and are legally acceptable for use as a food contact material

Dennis Jönsson, president and chief executive of Tetra Pak, said: “Although around 75% of our packaging is made from paperboard, we also use plastics as a protective layer and to produce the package openings.

“The EU’s Plastics Strategy is an important step towards a low-carbon Circular Economy based on recycling, renewables and responsible sourcing, and we are ready to make our contribution as a leading food processing and packaging provider.”

In 2014 the company launched Tetra Rex Bio-based, which it said was the world’s first beverage carton made entirely from plant-based materials.

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